ThetaHealing® for pets, horses and zoo animals (and their owners)

The powerful holistic healing modality of ThetaHealing® can be used to send healing not only to people, but to their pets, horses and fur babies!

Like sending healing to people, it’s possible to send healing to animals on a genetic level, soul level, and to them at all ages. It’s also an effective way to send healing to their emotional body, releasing any shock or trauma that may have occurred from transit, neglect or abuse from previous owners or environments.

Often animals can also take on the pain of those around them, in an attempt to heal their owners or the people they interact with, in a kind of ‘shamanic healing’ style. Unlike shamanic healers, many animals then don’t know how to release this energy they’ve empathically taken on. It’s possible to send healing to the animal so that they know how to be there for their owners with love and loyalty, without taking on the pain of others. It’s also possible to send healing to the owners, about anything that’s coming up for them, in a ThetaHealing® 1:1.

Any animal can benefit from ThetaHealing®. As well as domestic animals, it works well with horses. I’ve been horse riding regularly since I was 8 years old, through my adolescence and into my early 20s. Now I’m in my early 30s, I still feel a close bond to horses in particular, and I’m really excited to be working with horses and ThetaHealing®, as I think the results can very effective in healing the animal, without any physical touch required. Unlike many people, animals often have very little blocks to accepting healing, and can be very receptive to ThetaHealing® when offered it.

I offer healing either for both the animals and their owners, just the animal or just their owners, depending on what way you’d like to work.

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