Bi in the 2000s™ and Bi in Poetry™

Art series exploring bisexuality and visibility, as a teenager in the UK in the 2000s

This 10-part illustrative series (and still growing), that I’ve hand-painted using watercolour, explores my own experiences growing up in the UK as a teenager in the 2000s, as someone that identifies as bisexual.

I’ve focused on various everyday situations and spaces growing up, such as in the library, on a school bus, in the classroom, in a club and on a dating app, to highlight the lack of visibility of bisexuality in my everyday life at the time.

I released this series on Bisexuality Visibility Day on 23rd September 2020 to contribute to the topic of bisexuality visibility, by sharing my own experiences through art.

I’ve also released a poetry series regarding the topic of bisexuality in the 2000s called ‘Bi in Poetry.’ This series includes parodies of mainstream pop songs that are typically about heterosexual narratives. In these satirical poems, and I’ve replaced the lyrics with themes around bisexuality. Each poem is focused around an everyday interaction or situation where the lack of visibility of bisexuality and wider LGBTQ+ community may be present, e.g. in the home, at work, attitudes amongst peers.

You can read the full versions of the poems and see more of the Bi in Poetry series on my @annafranceshealing Instagram – more to be released in the near future.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest art posts, you can follow @annafranceshealin on Instagram and @annafranhealing on my Twitter page here.

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