Animals and ThetaHealing® – Can we walk with the animals, *AND* talk with the animals? And do they want our help?

As the well known film title suggests, is it possible to be a natural born ‘horse whisperer’ or a ‘Dr Dolittle’ and an have innate connection to the natural world? Is it possible to buy a pipe, ‘Pied Piper’ style, and lead animals away, with a simple tune? Is it possible to live in a Disney reality, where a princess’ best friend and sidekick is a sarcastic, yet friendly figure of a tiger, dragon or a crab? As the famous song goes, is it really just fiction, or can people walk with the animals, *AND* talk with the animals? In this blog, I talk about how the amazing healing modality of ThetaHealing® opens up new channels of communication, which could benefit both the pet, and the owner.

ThetaHealing® is a powerful healing modality developed by Vianna Stibal in Montana, USA. It’s rooted in a spiritual philosophy, that works on your soul and ancestral level, and you at all ages. Using the 7th plane meditation of unconditional love, it offers a clear channel of communication, from the healer, to the animal’s ‘higher self.’ This is the part of every living animal, human or non-human, found just above your crown chakra at the top of your head, that is part of your soul, and the part of you connected to the Universe. If you imagine as a person in your human form, you might feel like you have a kind of ‘I’m just making it up as I go along’ feeling in life, and you don’t necessarily know what to do next on your spiritual path. However, it’s likely that your higher self part of you that’s connected to the Universe has a much better idea of your spiritual path, and is cheering you on to follow your heart.

As a ThetaHealing® practitioner, if I was to send someone in a coma some healing, or someone that couldn’t talk, such as a young child for example, I would ask their higher self’s permission if they wanted to receive the healing, and it would be down to the person’s subconscious if they listened to their higher self’s decision to accept the healing (assuming they did) or not. It’s exactly the same principle with an animal’s higher self. Using the ThetaHealing® meditation, the energy of the unconditional love of the Universe, you can communicate with the part of the animal that’s part of their soul and connected both to their animal form as we see them, and to the Universe.

What’s it like to talk to an animal’s higher self using ThetaHealing®? Well firstly it depends on the type of animal, and their breed. It also depends on the individual – every animal is unique. What I’ve noticed is that if you’re trained to speak to the animals’ higher selves using the appropriate ThetaHealing® method, and you’re obviously there with kindness and respect, they’re often be surprisingly conversational. For example, they may share with the healer relevant information about what they need to heal. As they’re intuitive, it’s likely that they already sense from you and from their owner’s energy that you’re there to help. They may share with you how they feel, or they may not. However, it’s possible to request permission to send them healing (which will need to be given by the owner as well as the animal’s higher self) for anything that’s needed, and it’s likely that the pet will say yes! Unlike some (but not all) humans, healing on animals tends to be very quick, because they often don’t have the same blocks to healing that people sometimes do.

This channel of communication opens a bridge between human and animal that isn’t historically explored, which in some ways might seem strange, as animals are innately very intuitive themselves. We already know this, with the awareness of their heightened sense of smell or sight for example, in some species. We recruit sniffer dogs to locate people’s illnesses or smuggled illegal substances, we trust horses to carry people with physical (dis)abilities for the riding for the disabled, trusting that they won’t put a foot wrong. We even put some aquatic life in the spotlight when they correctly guess the results of football matches. We see animals on various natural world documentaries all the time demonstrating an almost ‘6th sense’ when hunting their prey in pitch dark, or choppy waters. They rely on listening to their heightened instincts for survival, and using these intuitive abilities, domestic (and wild) animals may be tuning into a lot more about us as humans than we realise.

So much so, that it’s not uncommon for the animal to take on the illness of their owner – sometimes a long time before the owner has even been diagnosed. From a spiritual perspective, as I’ve previously outlined, every animal has a soul and with that, a soul purpose. Often their purpose (from the animal’s perspective) is to look after their owner. It’s not uncommon for the owner to feel a connection to their domesticated ‘fur babies’ because the animal ‘chose’ to come into this life time, to be with the human, and not (counter to popular belief) the other way round. It’s also not uncommon for the soul of animals to travel with the soul of their owners, through many lifetimes together. Often, it is a soul connection, and you may feel like when see a pet in a pet shop or a rescue centre that you end up adopting as your own, that you have ‘met before.’ Some animals also come here to help more people than just their owners, and these animals may find themselves in various different living situations in order to do that.

It’s been argued that as humans, we find ourselves learning virtues from these animals – patience, kindness, trust, love and loyalty are just some of them.  And similarly to some shamanic healing practices that some humans come here in this life time to do, some animals take on the pain/illness of their owners as an attempt to heal them, with no way of releasing it from themselves once they’ve done this. This is where healing for both animal and owner can be incredibly effective. For example, you could send healing for the animal, so that they know how to be there for their owner with love and loyalty, without taking on any disease or anger, and send healing for the owner, so that they know how to live, without being angry, as a one simple example.  

As a ThetaHealer® and someone that was raised in a family that loved animals, I couldn’t believe how happy I felt when I found out I could heal both humans and non-humans, using the same modality. I’ve ridden horses from the age of 8, throughout my childhood, adolescence and early 20s, and now I’m in my early 30s, I still feel a connection to horses that stays with me. As a child and teenager spending a lot of time at my local stables, I often felt deep sadness when I saw animals hurt in transit or by previous mistreatment, who were then considered ‘dangerous’ because their behaviour was so extreme. This unfortunately sometimes lead to anger from the new owner, and it seemed like a perpetual cycle, where the horse was blamed for ‘acting out,’ and the owner for frightened – and neither energy from both parties seemed to stop.

It’s not uncommon for any species of animals who go through some form of travel (car, trailer, train, plane, boat or otherwise), to experience some form of trauma in transit, or neglect from their previous home, that the new owners may never be aware of, but it may play out in the way they behave later down the line. Finding a modality like ThetaHealing® has really changed how I feel about the communication between animal and owner, and I’m feeling hopeful for the future, using this spiritual holistic healing modality.  

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ThetaHealing® is a gentle and non-contact healing modality rooted in a spiritual philosophy, healing you (and your pet, horse or fur baby) on a soul, ancestral level and at at all ages. I am able to offer these sessions in person (Bristol/Devon, UK) or over Zoom. I’m happy to work with any domestic animal, horse, pony or zoo animal, and their owner/guardian/zoo keeper.

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