Healing: Is it ‘selfish’ to help yourself first?

I was inspired to write this blog as I feel like (in the UK atleast) things are changing in some ways, in *talking* about mental health and wellbeing, but in other ways, we still sometimes feel like it’s a ‘luxury’ or ‘unneeded expenditure’ to have some kind of holistic therapy, e.g ThetaHealing®.

I think part of the issue is that sometimes it’s easy for people to feel like they’re doing enough to get by, without feeling like they’re worthy of having a life any better than they do already. Maybe they’re feeling like moving forwards for them might not be something that is worth acknowledging, or worth exploring, through actively taking responsibility for their own healing.

I think it’s easy to feel stuck in the ‘passenger’ seat of your life, feeling driven by other’s needs, expectations, actions etc, without acknowledging that actually it’s possible to make decisions for you. It’s easy to stay asleep, if things seem to be ‘ok’ – at least for now.

It’s common for people to feel a sense of security in this ‘passenger’ role, but actually what often occurs is that you may feel stuck, and sometimes quite angry or resentful about this ‘stuck’ feeling in your life, whilst blaming external circumstances or external people.

Does this make you more of a ‘better’ person, for not investing in your own healing? Does this make you a more ‘normal’ person, for not investing in your own healing? Again, by not engaging with your own healing, it can in some cases make people feel like they ‘belong,’ if they don’t know anyone else that’s doing the same. Perhaps in some ways this is cultural – we may acknowledge that others need help, but investing in helping ourselves may still seem like we’d only ever do that if things seemed to be ‘falling apart.’

I would argue that by investing in your own healing, rather than it being a selfish act, it’s an act of self love, that will benefit both you and those close to you. You’ll find when you invest in a 1:1 ThetaHealing session with myself, you’ll attract more abundance into your life – more of the things you love, because by healing you, you’re making space for them!

And is loving your life selfish? I would argue, again, people in your life will benefit from you being happy! It’s easier to fill your own cup up first and give people the over flow, rather than operating on a cup half full, with nothing to share with others!

I would argue that living in abundance is everyone’s right! There’s enough for everyone! And abundance is already within you! You are already amazing, and part of the joy of healing yourself is shedding the layers of social conditioning, ancestral trauma, beliefs on a soul level and inner child level etc, to realising the infinite capacity to live in abundance! You are you, and healing is a great way to tap into how amazing it is to be part of all there is! To tap into how amazing you already are!

And does that make you selfish? Love is all there is, and you are worthy of being part of all there is.

For 1:1 ThetaHealing enquiries with Anna Frances, please email annafranceshealing@gmail.com

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