Adam and Eve: Why I think it’s ok to listen to your kundalini, and why I think the Adam and Eve story is about atheism (this is just how I feel).

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This may seem controversial to say this, but when you’ve been taught something when you were 5 (as I was, in a ‘non-Christian’ primary school in the UK in the 1990s), it’s easy to forget that actually it was from about this age that I was taught to hate my own sexuality, my own body, my own place in this world, and I was taught to not believe in love.

To see Eve be mislead by the snake who told her to eat the ‘forbidden fruit’ of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, who went against ‘God’s wishes’ and went ahead and ate the fruit anyway, and then see how Adam was influenced, and then later the two of them get kicked out of heaven, and into earth instead, with suffering and sin, seems to be a story about the lack of the presence of love, rather than the presence of it. The lack of connection to ‘knowledge’ that you are actually allowed to experience bliss within you. To experience abundance within you. To experience hope within you. Love, within you. To be here on this earth, and to feel loved by the universe, that that has happened.

It teaches us that if God sees you have bliss, hope, abundance, love, you’ll get kicked out of heaven. It teaches us that God kicks people out, if they enjoy their own bodies, and enjoy being on this earth, and live in abundance, in the Garden of Eden, without God’s permission. It teaches us that our own bodies are someone else’s property. It teaches us that our own bodies are ‘innocent’ until they have experienced abundance, and then somehow not worthy of God’s love anymore. It teaches us to sacrifice our own health and wellbeing, for God.

Who put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden in the first place? Well according to the Adam and Eve story, it was God, and the whole fall was ‘planned.’ God’s a trickster, don’t you know? He likes to create temptation, and then kick you out. He gives you more drinks, and then gets you barred from the pub. He buys you a cake for your birthday, and then kicks you out of the house for eating it. Or does he?

Is this really God talking? Or is this a man? Telling us not to touch ourselves, not to have sex without formal permission? Telling us not to eat the fruit of abundance, in the world that we actually already live in? Telling us not to experience any kind of pleasure on this earth, for fear of losing out himself?

Is this really God? Or is this someone, taking the piss, over 4000 years ago, and taking all our dreams at the age of 5? All our dreams of feeling safe with ourselves, feeling safe with love, feeling safe with hope, safe with the abundance of light on the earth? Someone with some serious God-complex issues?

The story of Adam and Eve creates a division, between heaven and earth. And suggests that unlike heaven, where no-one really enjoys themselves very much (but they can look at the idea of it, with the fruit on the tree, anyway) as a polar opposite, is earth, which is in fact hell. A hellish reality, where people have sex, and someone has to put the bins out. A hellish reality, where condoms exist, and so does 24 hour delivery, for all that fruit you’ve ordered. A hellish reality where people have sexual desires, and people actually have loving relationships and sleep with each other.

According to the Adam and Eve story, God likes to build assault courses, hoops to jump through, a kind of game show to your own genitalia. A kind of rule book to discovering your own heart. And a lot of red tape if you ever… EVER… decide to enjoy yourself.

But is this really true?

Is earth really that hell-like? Or is it just someone else’s drama?

Are our bodies really that horrendous, that even on Earth, every time you experience pleasure, you have to have written consent, by a man, and be married, straight, rich and a not like yourself very much (to make sure you ‘fit in’)?

What are we actually teaching our children here?

I would argue, it’s probably one of the most damaging stories to tell a child. And it’s also probably one of the most old.

And the snake… I would argue there’s no difference between the snake in the Adam and Eve story, and the snake that some consider ‘kundalini’ energy. Life force energy. The energy of the earth. The energy of the divine life giving energy from Mother Earth. It’s about life. It’s about the earth. It’s about birth. It’s about love.

If the same ‘snake’ or kundalini in our bodies is telling us to create life, to experience bliss, to experience love, to experience hope, to experience joy, then what on earth is the snake in the Garden of Eden doing but the right thing? What’s wrong with saying that the fruit is there to be eaten? And what’s wrong with eating it? And who’s saying it’s forbidden? Maybe it’s possible to imagine a scenario where everyone deserved to be there in that story (i.e. Eve, Adam, the snake), and maybe we need a different narrator? One that says, abundance is within us, we deserve to be on this earth, and we deserve to be ourselves?

I would argue that the Adam and Eve story is atheist because it teaches children that the land is only available to some but not others, that abundance is wrong, that your own bodies are wrong, that your own existence is wrong. It teaches us that God abandons us for being ourselves. But what if the opposite is true? What if we’re all a spark of divine light? What if we all deserve to be here, because we’re all part of all there is? What if love is within us, and we don’t need to seek permission externally to realise this?

I would argue that God is ‘all there is.’ It’s light, and it’s within all things. It’s unconditional love. It’s everything and everywhere. We’re all connected by love, there is no separation.

Along the lines of the Adam and Eve story, it’s obvious that God was having a uncharacteristically bad day at the office if the message was ‘don’t eat the fruit that’s grown on the tree.’ Why would the universe grow fruit on the tree, and then issue a bureaucratic message about it? Why would the earth produce any fruit at all, if the universe just thought it would be nice for decoration? What is the point in life (and the miracle it is to be alive) if we’re all pretending that we don’t deserve it in the first place? What if (counter to popular belief) suffering isn’t needed, to become closer to who we are? I would argue, suffering, struggle and sacrifice has never been needed. I would argue we’re all worthy of living in abundance, and the Garden of Eden is within us.

Why would the universe offer so much beauty, love, hope and kindness, if it wasn’t within you? Love is within everyone.

Life force energy is what gives us life. It’s the essence of creation.

I don’t think the Kundalini snake (i.e our life force energy that we all share) within everyone would ever say to do something that wasn’t out of love.

Your sexual energy is not misleading you. You are yourself. And you are worthy of living in abundance, and living in love, hope, joy and bliss. You are worthy of following your heart. Of listening to yourself, and listening to others. Of having meaningful, respectful and beautiful connections, based on love, hope and joy. Of enjoying the life that you have. You are worthy of love, and you are worthy of life.

There’s nothing shameful about being alive.

And you are worthy of trusting your body, trusting your intuition, trusting your wisdom, trusting your place on this earth. Because in my opinion, God is real, because you are you. Hope is real, because you are you. Love is real, because you are you. God is within everyone, and love is real.

You are amazing.

You are you.

And to my 5 year old self that got taught the story of Adam and Eve as the way to explain the creation of humanity, and the dysfunctional dynamic between Adam and Eve as the ‘Divine Mother’ and ‘Divine Father’ of the universe, you deserve to be here, and love is real.

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