Why I think peaceful protest is the only form of protest worth doing (and the rest just causes more suffering). And why I think it’s ok to say how you feel.

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I’ve chosen to write this blog now as I think it’s an important time to say how we feel. And sometimes when people say how they feel, and others don’t feel like they feel the same, it can cause upset, anger and pain for some, whilst others may feel acceptance, peace and respect.

There is always a way to find a way, and I think that if people feel anger, upset and pain if others disagree with them, then that’s ok to feel that way. I think there’s always space in ourselves to hold space for others, even if they think something different to what we think.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that things have already changed in our day-to-day lives, and this has caused many people pain, anger and suffering, and also caused people to realise that hope is within them.

It’s caused people to realise that love is within them.

It’s caused people to realise that peace is within them, and this is something that will always be possible.

Peace is possible. Peace is within everyone. And I think that when things do change, in our internal life, or external life, it can bring a space within ourselves to move forwards in ways we never dreamed of. It can make us realise that love is within everyone, that peace is within everyone, and that hope is within everyone.

It’s obvious that many people don’t feel safe being themselves, when they feel separated from the peace that they see as external from them.

They see peace as a concept not possible for them to have in their own lives. They see peace as a concept not possible to even talk about having in their own lives. They see peace as something not possible to acknowledge that it’s within them that they will find peace.

People are often afraid of acknowledging their own peace, for fear of missing out, or for fear of being left behind, or for fear of not being accepted by others.

Some people think that if others are angry, or upset, or furious, then that is something that they must feel as well.

Some people think that if others are happy, loving and loved, then that is something that is only reserved for those who seek it, not those that already are those things.

It’s obvious that peace and love is something that we can all have, because we already are.

It’s obvious that peace is something we can all experience, because we already are experiencing it.

There is a lot of anger and injustice that we’re seeing in our external lives at the moment. Peace is always going to be there, and it’s a case of realising that within everyone, is peace.

I think it’s always ok to say how you feel, and it’s always ok for others to do the same. It’s ok to feel how you feel, because feeling is normal.

Peace is within you, and suffering isn’t needed. This is just how I feel.

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