Is gender a ‘battle’? Or is it something we have within all of us?

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I think gender for some people has become a battle. A battle with others to protect themselves, or dominate others, and for some people, a battle with themselves – to be a ‘hyper-masculine’ or a ‘hyper-feminine’ version of themselves.

I think gender is something that everyone deserves to have, and I think Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is something that everyone deserves to embody.

I think the energy that you we may spend on trying to ‘quieten’ certain parts of oursleves – e.g. if you’re female, maybe you see decision-making as ‘unfeminine’ or if you’re male, maybe you see caring for others as ‘unmasculine’ – can sometimes turn into anger and resentment, that can be aimed towards yourself and others. Everyone is just love, and you deserve to be you.

I think that one aspect of the Divine Feminine is the ability to say how we feel. To share our experiences, our feelings, our compassion with others.

I think that this has been lost, in our culture and our society, by men and women. People obey, but they do not listen. People dominate, but they do not talk. People manipulate, but they do not share.

I think this is one aspect of Divine Feminine that is crucial when moving forwards in our own lives, and the wider landscape of our planet.

The longer we obey, the longer we commit to ignoring our hearts, and listen to the ego of others instead, the longer domination becomes a culture of acceptance for things that are causing suffering and harm.

How long can this structure of domination and control on earth continue? And what role does gender play in this?

Are women and men really ‘opposites’?

If this gender binary male vs female, of ‘powerful’ vs ‘submissive’ really is imagined as the gender binary that many of us have been taught to believe in (through education, popular culture,the institution of marriage etc), then who’s really winning here? What does it say about ourselves that we either see ourselves as ‘over-powerful’ or ‘powerless’?

And how long can this structure of domination and control continue? How long can we continue functioning like this with, with the environmental impact that we’re seeing? I’m hoping for change. I’m hoping that we see through the illusion that domination is necessary to move forwards. I don’t think men need to dominate women, and I don’t think women need to dominate men. I think everyone is just themselves. I think this idea of separation is an illusion. I think at our core, we’re all just love.

Is the gender binary all it’s cracked-up to be?

Is the gender binary actually just the ‘red herring’ of this ancient narrative, where a small group of people are taking stuff from us, and they’re hoping to distract us by creating a conflict amongst ourselves?

I feel like the cartoon detective ‘Pink Panther’ right now, uncovering what is actually hilariously obvious.

The ‘obviousness’ I am refering to here (not everyone will agree with this) is that everyone is just themselves, regardless of what gender they identify as.

The gender binary is arguably turning something very beautiful, loving and divine (the gender you were born with) into the illusion of the conflict of interest between genders – the idea that the minute you’re born, you have an ‘opposite,’ – rather than accepting and sharing differences and similarities. Your gender arguably becomes instantly monetized by somebody else. Conflict makes money, and conflict creates distraction…

The illusion that ‘femininity’ has to be ‘controlled,’ in order to maintain the illusion of ‘dominance,’ of masculinity is one that I would argue serves some people, but not all.

And actually, does this ‘domination and control’ binary, actually transcend gender? Is it always men in power that harm others, or is sometimes women as well?

Is this actually a war on the gender binary? Or is it just a few people, that are taking the piss?

(Asking for a friend.)

Is the answer to sexism for more women to become more like the ‘toxic masculine’?

Or is the answer harmony, for women and men to connect to their hearts, to lead from love, to heal their wounds?

I would argue that the gender binary harms everyone concerned, and it is an illusion. I believe that everyone is just themselves, and that everyone has Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within them.

I know people are angry about what is considered ‘sexism’, and I know why. The pay gap. The misogyny that we see on TV and in the press all the time. The people on certain celebrity platforms that argue that sovereignty is for some, but not for all.

It’s a culture of repression, and a culture of distraction – if we try to battle some people, and if we try and be like others, then we’ll never need to connect with ourselves. I would argue that the answers lie within. We are all just love.

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