Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine – Why I think it’s essential to recognise that both are within all of us

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There’s been an argument for quite a while about what it means to be ‘female’ and what it means to be ‘male,’ and the meaning behind these terms that we we use. It’s important to recognise that we are always just ourselves.

Gender, to some people, is a binary: Strong vs weak. Power vs submissive. Active vs passive. Sun vs moon. I would argue that actually, we are all part of all there is. We have the capacity to lead, and to follow. We all have the capacity to be nurturing, we all have the capacity to be kind. We all have the capacity to say how we feel, hold space for others to say how they feel, to speak with love, and speak with compassion. To share our interests, to share our love. It’s obvious that the patriarchal power structures that we live is based on the opposite – the absence of sharing. The absence of compassion. The absense of love.

Without the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves, the Divine Masculine becomes cold. Without the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine becomes depressed, because it becomes disempowered.

What now, for both genders?

I’m not arguing against gender, but I’m arguing that we are more than what we think we are. And our hearts hold the key.

I believe that people are the gender that they are, and I also believe that we embody both energies… the softness, and the power. The nurture, and the creation. The emotion, and the strategy. The love that runs within all things.

Love is universal.

Gender is something we are, and Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is something we all share.

We are just love. And we are just ourselves.

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