About Anna Frances

About the artist, poet, blogger, holistic healer and entrepreneur Anna Frances 🏳️‍🌈✨💖🥰

🌈I identify as bisexual and created the Bi in the 2000s™ illustrative series (and later merchandise) to try and combat the lack of visibility of bisexuality and wider LGBTQ+ communities 🏳️‍🌈
🌈I live in Bristol in an old Georgian town house flat – it’s beautiful here, I feel really lucky to live here 💖
🌈I have a First Class (Hons) undergrad degree in Geography, Politics and International Relations, and a Masters in Human Geography.
🌈I’m a keen blogger and write about lifestyle, money, healing and wellbeing
🌈I play the violin and I used to do a lot of dancing before the pandemic 💃🎻
🌈I love baking and cooking (you can probably tell from my @annafranceshealing posts!)
🌈I’m a trained ThetaHealer, with specialisms in healing your relationship with money, manifesting abundance in our life and deepening your connections of love and intimacy with yourself and others. 💖💖💖
🌈I love anything holistic healing related, and I think it’s really important to look after your body and mind with the right diet and exercise – I love organic food and yoga, for example 🙂
🌈I love the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise – I’m proud to say all clothing items are made with 100% organic cotton and from ‘fair wear’ accredited suppliers.
🌈You can find out more about the Bi in the 2000s™ artwork in the series on my IG @annafranceshealing page, on my YouTube channel Anna Frances Healing or subscribe to my blog for more updates!


Find out more:
Merch: anna-frances.com/shop, or click the ‘Shop’ link on the left hand side menu.

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