5 reasons why I LOVE the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise range (and why you will too)

Pictured: Design from the ‘Journey’ organic cotton t-shirt and tote bag

Artist Anna Frances shares why she LOVES the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise range, (and why you will too).

1.) Each design is from the Bi in the 2000s™ illustrative series that I’ve created, which helps to promote Bisexuality bisibility and LGBTQ+ visibility more broadly.

Why I love it: I think representation around LGBTQ+ communities and Bisexuality communities is urgently needed, and I think that art is a really important way to address that.

Why I’m proud of it: I think the merchandise is a really important way to share this art, and I’m proud to have been able to create this merchandise, which I think is urgently needed.

2. Each t-shirt and tote bag in the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise range is made with organic cotton.

Why I love it: It’s kind to the planet and it’s kind to your skin. Without chemicals used in the intensive farming of non-organic crops, there’s less pollution to the planet, less pollution to the water systems, and your skin will definitely, definitely thank you for it.

Why I’m proud of it: A lot of thought has gone into the creation of these products, and I’m proud to be able to launch products that I’m confident are really really amazing.

3 Each organic cotton t-shirt and tote bag were sourced from a ‘Fair Wear’ approved supplier.

Why I love it: Fair Wear Foundation carry out independent checks on suppliers to ensure the garment workers’ rights and labour standards are being met. You can read more about the Fair Wear Foundation here. This was crucial when thinking about who I was going to get the t-shirts and tote bags from as part of the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise range.

Why I’m proud of it: I’m proud to have sourced t-shirts and tote bags from suppliers who are approved by Fair Wear, as I think this is essential work that Fair Wear are carrying out, and I hope that regular checks on garment worker’s rights continue to be rolled out elsewhere. I think everyone deserved to be treated fairly at work, and I’m trying to shop ethically for that very reason.

4. Each Bi in the 2000s™ design tells as story, that will have a unique meaning to every person that’s wearing that t-shirt and tote bag.

Why I love it: Everyone that buys a Bi in the 2000s™ organic t-shirt and tote bag will have something in their wardrobe that means something to them, on a topic that previously hasn’t received much visibility.

Why I’m proud of it: Everyone’s story is different, and I think it’s a really powerful message to wear your fashion in a way that you want to.

5. These unique designs are moving against the curve of a very heterosexual orientated story line that we see in art and culture on a daily basis.

Why I love it: Fashion should be about freedom, and I’m proud to be able to create merchandise which allows the wearer to express themselves, in a way that isn’t out there on the market.

Why I’m proud of it: These designs, are colourful, they’re beautiful and they’re bold. They are about culture, they’re about art, they’re about expressing yourself, and that’s exactly why I painted these designs in the first place. Everyone deserves to be represented 😊

Wear your fashion with Pride 😊

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