Money Money Money: 2 things that crossed my mind when I went self-employed. 1.) Will I ever make the money that I expect to? And 2.) Do I actually deserve the money that I expect?

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It’s interesting writing about the personal blocks some may have to making money as an entrepreneur in my ‘Money Money Money’ series, as I think we all have things that we are working through (even holistic healers need therapists). It’s also interesting, talking about the personal barriers to making money, when obviously, I still have some! I’m a ‘new kid on the block’ in many ways, having only been self-employed for over a year, and I think every time you do something new (in my case, a huge career change from a typical 9-5 to full-time entrepreneur) it’s natural to bring up certain things, with certain decision making that we may have never had to make before.

I think there’s many factors to this, and some of this I’ve gone into in previous blog posts around where our blocks to making money may come from. As well as the factors I’ve previously outlined (i.e. childhood experiences, peers, family values, societal influence, cultural influence, colleagues, ancestral beliefs, soul level beliefs etc), I think another big influence to how you may view money is routine. What you’re used to may seem like the safest option.

I think conditioning about money happens so subtly. It’s a system that you assume, is everything. As a woman in the industry I used to be in, I just accepted that if I asked for a pay rise in a meeting with my boss, they would just laugh in my face. I’m not sure a man would have ever had to accept that, in most industries at least, although I’m sure there are some exceptions to this. On a psychological level, what did working a 9-5 in that environment say to me about my money making abilities? Well one of them was… don’t even bother asking!

So what’s the difference as a self-employed person? Now, as I’m a business owner, I’m making decisions all the time about ordering, cost setting, profit margins etc, it’s literally from one polar opposite world of basically training you never to speak up for yourself, to completely the opposite – I now say how I feel all the time! The change to my money-making routine is scarey. And once you get past the scarey, it’s actually bliss.

I’ve realised that money is a creative process. It’s the opposite of mechanical. It has flow, and it has meaning. It’s actually a joy to be doing what I’m doing, because I know I am making a difference, and sharing my opinions really does mean the world.

I think it is possible to retrain yourself out of the mindset that you think you don’t deserve what you want, and I think it’s key to moving forwards, and actually, you always are.

There are a variety of holistic methods out there to heal your beliefs around money, that I will go in to another time, but I thought this blog post was worth writing, because at the end of the day, we’re all worthy of having what we want in our career. And it’s only really our own limiting beliefs that are ever giving the illusion that they’re stopping us from getting there.

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