Money Money Money: Is it possible to be rich and be happy?

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As an entrepreneur, one of the questions I find myself asking is, what is motivating me to do what I do? Is it partly for the money? What am I aiming for in the future? If I do get rich, then what next?

I think one of the common fears around getting rich is that if we achieve money in abundance, we’re afraid we won’t be happy, because we will have achieved everything we *thought* we wanted, and having got rich, the struggle is now over. Switching my mentality from just seeing business as a money making opportunity, to seeing the wider picture of manifesting what I want in my life, has really helped me to move forwards.

Money to me, is an opportunity to use that energy for things I believe in, rather than simply just numbers on a spreadsheet, and this is something that I feel opens doors, not closes them.

The law of attraction is a really important way for me to think about money. I create a business that attracts the right customers, simply by being authentic and making money doing things that I believe in. If I do the things I love, then I attract people that also love the things I love, and as well as getting sales/clients, this is obviously going to be a win-win situation on many levels. It means I can approach my business with my cup full and overflowing, with love and with joy, rather than approaching a business that I don’t believe in, through struggle and resentment, with my cup half empty.

It’s interesting to think what we mean by ‘abundance’ and to ‘live in abundance.’ I actually don’t think this is just money alone. I think it’s a phrase often used by holistic healers, and my definition would be the following:

‘Living in abundance: Tapping into your inner gifts, your inner wisdom, your inner love, and letting this flow freely, through all aspects of your life, and attracting others in your life that do the same. This can also benefit friendships, relationships, sex life, career, business, creativity, and the spiritual consciousness, that you are always safe to be you, as you are, in the universe at this time.’

I think that you will naturally attract money, when you begin to tap in to all of these aspects of yourself. We are all a spark of divine light, and I think that is amazing.

It takes time, it takes commitment, it takes courage to follow your heart and follow your dreams, and it may take some time for deep healing, particular around certain beliefs you may have around this. However, I always think that it is definitely possible to be rich and to be happy, because after all, you are always just yourself, and that is amazing.

Following your heart doesn’t stop when you have money. You can put the money you earn into things and causes that you believe in, and I believe that this is something that will always generate more love for yourself, and for others.

Whether you feel drawn towards helping environmental causes, or the arts, health and wellbeing or charity work, the possibilities are endless, and money is always something that can be used for kindness and compassion, not for domination and control, which may historically be how money has been viewed in the past.  

Whatever you feel drawn to, you will always be supported by the universe 😊

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