Money Money Money: Is it possible to make money, when you’re creative?

As part of my Money Money Money series, I have created a short video, exploring the question: Is it possible to make money when you’re creative?

I felt like this was an important question, because I feel like it’s common to have beliefs around our creativity that do hold people back from making money with their creativity.

Often I think this comes from society, through many different channels, so that we’re conditioned to think that only some people are artists (for example), not others.

This is in itself a form of separation, and also a form of self-denial. I believe we are born with creativity, and that is a natural gift, that we can use whenever and however we want to.

I think that what we mean by ‘creativity’ isn’t limited to just art – it can be creating a life that you want to live, it can be creating friendships, it can be creating opportunities, it can be creating a sustainable way of living, it can be building a bike, it can be cooking a meal that you love, it can be building a business, it can be anything that uses creative energy in your life, in multiple ways.

As well as ancestral beliefs and societal conditioning, unfortunately if you have experienced any kind of trauma in your life, this can also sometimes effect your beliefs around creativity. For example, if your nervous system is still in trauma and is running on a ‘fight or flight’ response a lot of the time, then it can be difficult to feel like you’re ‘free’ enough to express yourself through creativity.

Often when we heal our trauma, creativity can appear in our life in ways we never dreamed of, because we’ve allowed space for this to happen. Every person and every situation is different, but this is a common pattern I’ve encountered in the holistic healing training that I’ve done in the past. The more people heal, the more people tend to create.

I’m proud to be a creative person, and this has genuinely taken a lot of work on my part to heal the parts of me that weren’t so sure if it was possible for me to be creative in the way that I wanted to be.

Creativity is healing, it’s a form of connection, and a form of joy. I’ll always view my creativity and the creativity of others around me with an immense amount of gratitude.

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