Money Money Money: Is it possible to make money, when your parents got a divorce?

In this video as part of my Money Money Money series, I ask the question: Is it possible to make money, when your parents got a divorce?

The obviously answer to this question is, of course it’s possible for people who’s parents got divorced to make money. This is just an example where some people’s experiences in childhood *could* influence their own beliefs about how they feel about certain things in their life now.

This question is an example where an experience that you may have had in childhood may have effected your beliefs around money, and more specifically, beliefs around change in your life in order to make money.

It’s also an example where it’s very very possible to heal from this, but it’s also not necessarily a priority for some people in some situations (everyone is different).

Often it is common for people to continue throughout their life, without healing certain experiences in childhood, and not realise that certain experiences may be influencing their day-to-day decisions, based on the beliefs they formed around these experiences.

Another common theme among people that have had painful or traumatic experiences in their childhood (or otherwise), is that this unhealed experience may, on some level, seem to ‘serve’ the person in some way. I.e. maybe there’s a small of them that feels like being a ‘victim’ is part of their identity, or maybe it’s just too painful to talk about.

Healing has layers, and this blog is certainly not to scare people, we are all moving forwards in our own way, and we’ll always be supported by the universe in our path. However, it is an example where healing from a specific experience in our past (which is common for this to take some time), can help to generate more money into our lives, through self-care, self-nurture and self-awareness.

You will always be loved by the universe 😊

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