Bristol Art Tour: Street art murals on North Street, Bristol

North Street murals. Image credit: Bristol 24/7

Following my trip to the Greta Thunberg street art mural on my last stop on my Bristol Art Tour, I walked 5 minutes down the road along North Street, until I reached the North Street art murals, above 4 shop fronts. These were commissioned as part of Upfest, the biggest street art festival in the UK and Europe. As well as being amazing street art murals in their own right, I was particularly interested in seeing them, as they have all been created by female artists. I think more could always be done to showcase female artists, but I’m proud that I was able to find these murals, and I think it’s a great example where female artists are celebrated in Bristol.

Although I’m not a street artist myself, I think of street art as a really important part of the Bristol art scene, which is why I’m pleased that I’m able to include such a variety of street artists on my Bristol Art Tour. As I said on the video that I posted on Instagram last week about the trip to see these murals, I would give more information about the artists in a blog post. I will post information about the 4 artists here:

Sophie Long (from her website)
‘I am a Bristol artist who mainly works in Acrylics, exploring the boundaries of expressive art, usually in the way of exuberant animal portraits. Following in my father’s footsteps and growing up in an innovative family, I found it very easy to express myself creatively.’

You can checkout Sophie Long’s website where she sells prints and originals of her trademark bumble bee designs, as well as other animals.

Bex Glover (bio from the Upfest website)

Bex Glover is a contemporary artist and illustrator working in physical and digital mediums. Her abstract, nature inspired artwork deconstructs the organic world, exploring shape, geometry, intersecting lines and the fusion of foreground and background elements, in vibrant colour palettes and atmospheric layers. Bex is currently based in Bristol where she runs her freelance illustration and graphic design practice Severn Studios.

You can checkout more information about the print, digital and illustration services available at Severn Studios here.

Zoe Power (bio from her website)

Zoë Power is a multi-disciplinary artist, working in the fields of illustration, print and typography.

Zoë graduated with an MA in Multidisciplinary Print Media at the University of the West of England, Bristol. With a love of craft and typography, Zoë has also studied traditional sign writing and frequently works with individuals and creative teams to make their businesses look more beautiful.

Currently Zoë is extensively involved in several community arts projects across the UK, working with local residents and organisations to bring art to the wider community.

Gemma Compton (bio from Upfest website)

‘Gemma Compton is an artist/fashion designer based in Bristol, her highly detail work with its strong style has crossed from garments to gallery walls. Being brought up in a small town in the sleepy Cotswold’s sparked a lifelong love for nature, particularly ornithology and the British countryside. Her work draws influence from the flawless, high glamour imagery used throughout the creative industry. Beautiful women and modern day icons are mixed with wildlife, dead and alive, juxtaposing our modern human ideals of beauty with the natural beauty and cruelty of nature.’

You can checkout more about Gemma Compton’s work on her website here.

I’m so pleased I was able to see these 4 murals, they’re all such unique designs done by 4 very different and amazing artists. I’m really feeling hopeful that I’m able to include more of a gender balance on my Bristol Art Tour in the future 🙂

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