Money Money Money: ‘Is it possible to make money, without domination?’

Photography of One US Dollar Banknotes
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The title of this vlog is addressed, because actually I think it’s an important question, when asking ourselves what we want to do with our career. If we’re used to working in industries that give us ‘less than average’ pay, or ‘average’ pay, then it might be a shift in mentality, as well as lifestyle, considering what it would be like to make more money than we ever have done. If we consider earning money as never possible to do in a ‘good’ way, then this may serve as a block to ever earning more money than we already do.

You can watch my Vlog on my Anna Frances Healing channel on YouTube to see me talking about my own opinion on this question in particular.

In the video, I talk about how money is just energy, and money is just flow. If we put our money that we earn towards causes me believe in, I believe it is not only possible to have money without ‘domination,’ but to change the path of the the flow of money into new ways of thinking about ourselves and others.

I believe that money doesn’t have to be about separation, it can be about helping others to help themselves. One obvious answer is of course, charity, which is a broad term for many amazing initiatives. Another way to look at money as connection rather (dis)connection. It provides the opportunity to put money into things you believe in, into businesses you believe in, into causes you believe in.

Money doesn’t have to be shameful. I believe it can be a real asset to you, and to others in time. I believe everyone is worthy of having enough.

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