New Vlog series announcement: Money Money Money

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Image: Pixabay

As well as the art and poetry that I’m doing (the Bristol Art Tour will continue as normal), I’m also announcing my new vlog series titled ‘Money Money Money.’

This series explores some common beliefs around money, where they come from, and how to move forwards. The videos comprise of a combination of how I feel on certain topics, combined with what I’ve learned as part of my holistic healing training as a ThetaHealer (2 of my courses have focused on removing personal blocks on starting your own business as pursuing a career you love).

Questions covered in the Money Money Money vlog series include:

‘Is it possible to make money, when your parents have had a divorce?’

‘Is it possible to make money, without domination?’

‘Is it possible to spend money, without feeling bad?’

You can find the content on my Anna Frances Healing YouTube channel here, and I’ll also be posting regular blog posts regarding my Money Money Money series on my blog here, alongside posts about my art, and the latest news from the Bristol Art Tour.

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