Money Money Money: Is it possible to make money in a system that is evil?

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As part of my Money Money Money vlog series, I ask the question: ‘Is it possible to make money in a system that is evil?’ I think there are common beliefs that people have around this idea: ‘Money is evil,’ or ‘I will never be a good person if I make money’ or ‘money is never kind’ are some common assumptions. Moving forwards with these ideas, I think it can useful to analyse where these ideas about money come from, and if we decide that beliefs such as these no longer serve us anymore on our money making path – how can we change that?

As outlined in my vlog video on YouTube here, I think it may be useful to consider what we mean by ‘the system’ and the different ways people may consider it. To some, people may not see any issue with what they perceive as ‘the system,’ and believe that ‘the rich are rich,’ ‘the poor are poor’ and ‘everyone’s in their place.’ As a polar opposite idea of the system, some may consider the system as they see it to be ‘chaos,’ the idea that no-one is happy, and no-one will be able to live in the system as it stands.

I’d argue that neither of those views are the ‘highest truth’ – i.e. I think that the system that we may perceive to be as it is, isn’t real, and that actually, everyone is just doing what they do. This can become easier to recognise, when we see beyond some of the messages fed to us through mainstream media, for example.

When we begin to see the system as something that is porous, rather than something static, I think we begin to see what is possible, for us as individuals, and also what is possible for the collective.

I think it’s also important to address what we mean by ‘evil’ in this question. What is the difference between ‘money’ and ‘evil’? I think it’s a common belief for many people to believe that they’re the same thing. From my perspective, I would argue, money is just love, it’s just energy, it just flows, and ‘evil,’ isn’t real. There may be times where people with money (or people with very little of it) demonstrate behaviour where they appear to be disconnected from their hearts and their heads, and decisions can be made that may be perceived as something ‘purposefully wrong.’ I think it’s common for this ‘disconnect’ energy to create resentment, anger and division. I would also argue that most individuals act in a way, that from their perspective, on some level, they feel is ‘right.’

In these instances, it can be easy to feel drawn into the ‘drama’ or conflict regarding other people’s beliefs around money. I would argue that the most effective way to create change in your life financially, is not to try and ‘battle’ and change other people’s beliefs around money, but to actually heal yourself from your own limiting beliefs you may have around generating money in your own life, rather than trying to change other people’s minds around something that they believe is ‘right’ from their perspective.

I believe that on a collective level, if we work on ourselves and heal ourselves individually, on a collective level, we can always be the change. I think that love is all there is, and I think that as more people open their hearts to helping themselves and helping others, I think a culture shift will always follow in time. Money is just energy, and energy flows where love goes. You create your own reality. You are the change, and you are amazing 😊

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