Bristol Art Tour introduction: Clifton Suspension Bridge

Image credit (right): @louisedoeslife

Bristol Arts Tour: Touring my home city, Bristol! And showcasing the Bi in the 2000s™ merch on my travels 😊

I’ve often felt that being a creative and an artist in Bristol seemed quite significant, based on a lot of the iconic art and culture that’s already in the city around me. Although every artist is very different, it certainly does make me feel like I’m part of something exciting, and I’m always inspired to come across new art work in the place where I live.

I thought it would be really nice to explore some of Bristol’s art and culture whilst showcasing me wearing some of the Bi in the 2000s™ merch while I visit some of these iconic places.

I couldn’t start this tour without kicking off at probably one of the most iconic cultural icons of the City of Bristol: Clifton Suspension Bridge!

Designed by engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel in 1829, and spanning over the Avon Gorge and River Avon, the bridge weighs 1,500 tonnes, spans 702 feet and sits 245 feet above the water below high tide.

Fun Bridge Fact: ‘Until the 1930s, ‘daredevil pilots’ occasionally flew beneath the bridge in bi-planes. After this time, with the creation of faster planes, the practice became too dangerous’ (History Extra, 2014)

You can find out some more #bridgefacts by watching my most recent video on IGTV on @annafranceshealing on Instagram.

Everyday for the next week or so, I’ll be posting videos of me exploring the Bristol arts and culture scene, and chatting some more about the Bi in the 2000s™ merchandise.

Stay tuned for more Bristol art and culture. I hope you enjoy 😊


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