(1/9) ‘Happy Bisexuality Visibility Day’

In this post, I share how I feel about (1/9) ‘Happy Bisexuality Visibility Day,’ the first painting from the Bi in the 2000s™ illustrative series.

What inspired you to paint this painting?

I was inspired by Bisexuality Visibility Day on 23rd September which has been marked on this date every year since 1999. It inspired me to look for examples of bisexuality themed art and representation online. I found a few bisexuality visibility themed posts on Instagram, but other than that, I couldn’t find very much. I realised that as an artist, I had the means to create visibility that I felt wasn’t as present as it could be, so that’s why I decided to paint this painting, and create this series.

Why did you choose to paint the two hearts in the painting?

For me, the basis of this whole series is just love really, so I felt it was important to start the series with how I felt about bisexuality more generally, as I kind of background to how I felt about all the other paintings in the series that followed. The two identical hearts labelled ‘how people that are bi love’ and ‘how people that aren’t bi love,’ represent that I feel that there is no separation between what love is for some and what love is for others. We use these terms such as ‘bisexual,’ ‘pansexual,’ ‘gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘straight,’ (and over course, the multiple other terms that we use that all have different meaning to each individual) which can be useful in some contexts to some people, but actually I wanted to recognise that beyond these ideas of ‘groups,’ at the centre of everyone, I believe there is just love in everyone’s hearts.

Why did you choose to paint the rainbow colours in the hearts?

Including the full rainbow spectrum to me represents the infinite possibility in everyone’s hearts to love. I believe that love is deep, and I believe it’s a personal power to recognise how loving you actually are. The full colour spectrum to me is a representation of ‘all there is,’ because actually, I think that love is all there is. Beyond the drama, and the illusion of separation and difference, beyond all the societal and ancestral wounds, beyond all that doesn’t serve us, I believe love is all there is. It’s a simple message, but I think it’s a powerful message, because I believe we’re all amazing, and we’re all here for a reason, to learn and grow in our own way throughout our life time.

What does this painting mean to you?

To me, this painting means hope, it means love and it means joy. A realisation that we’re all connected, and that actually, we’re all safe to be ourselves, in our own bodies, in our own hearts, connecting to what matters to us the most. I believe this is a beautiful message, and I believe that people are starting to awaken to this, and this is only going to grow, and turn into something phenomenal. The phenomenal power of ourselves 😊 Everyone’s limitless. I’m excited to see what happens next.

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